Deceased Estate House Clearance

Deceased Estate House Clearance

About this service

Deceased Estate House Clearance

The benefits of our Deceased Estate House Clearances.

The Junkman can help lighten the load by taking care of the deceased estate home. If the thought of clearing out your loved one’s property is too much to bear right now, let us assist you. We offer an efficient deceased estate clearing service so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can remove all of the contents from the home, yard, shed & garage, leaving you to focus on more pressing matters.

When we conduct the clearing of a home, you will see the following benefits:

Less emotional strain: Engaging our services to clear out your loved one’s home can be a much more efficient way to get through this process. We can ease the emotional strain by carrying out the task strategically, in an effective and tactful manner. As a result, the home can be sold or leased quicker.

Save time: As a company that carries out many deceased estate house clearances, we can get the job done in a timely and orderly manner. This saves you time, meaning you can focus on the more important things that need your attention during this difficult time.

Perfect if you live interstate or overseas: If you have a deceased estate that needs to be cleared, but you live too far away, then our deceased estate clearing service is perfect for you. We’ll carry out the clearing process and we will provide you with photographs of the home, garage & yard once the

property has been completely cleared, we will also keep you up to date of the progress.

How Our Deceased Estates Cleaning Works

Step 1: Book a time for a staff member to view the property. You can do this by calling, emailing or sending an SMS.

Step 2: On arrival, our team member will make a note of all items to be removed and the work to be carried out as per your instructions.

Step 3: After our visit, you will receive two options in writing that come usually within 24 hours. The first option entails us detailing any selected items that we’d

like to purchase from you, and the second one shows the cost of the whole house being emptied, minus the value of the items we’re looking to buy.

Step 4: Our team leader & his team will clear out the deceased estate to your requirements as per the our agreement. We are fully insured for property damage and public liability, so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Call Us Today For Help With Your Deceased Estate

Don’t put yourself through the emotional torment of clearing out a deceased estate & lose valuable time.

Call The Junkman today, Victoria’s No 1 and most experienced deceased estate company. Australian owned and operated from our headquarters in Melbourne, servicing all of the Melbourne Metropolitan Region, the Mornington Peninsula and some Regional areas too.

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Deceased Estate House Clearance

The Junkman, Melbourne’s House Clearing, Rubbish Removal, and Downsizing Specialists. Don’t subject yourself to the emotional torment and loss of valuable time that comes with clearing out a deceased estate. Instead, let us take care of the entire process for you.

As Victoria’s No. 1 and most experienced deceased estate company, we are Australian owned and operated from our headquarters in Melbourne, providing our dedicated services across the entire Melbourne metropolitan region, the Mornington Peninsula, and selected regional areas too.

With our efficient and tactful approach, we ensure less emotional strain and save you precious time during this difficult period. Whether you’re living interstate or overseas, our deceased estate cleaning service is perfect for you, as we can handle the clearing process and keep you updated with photographs of your property.

Book a time for our expert team to assess the property and receive your options in writing, including the cost of a complete house clearance. Rest assured, your home is in good hands with our fully insured and professional team.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you.

Ph: 0407 501 153

E: sales@thejunkman.com.au

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