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One Easy Application And You Can Sleep In The Room The Same Night

The Bed Bug Barrier solution need only be applied once by The Junkman and the bed bugs will be completely destroyed long term. Unlike insecticides, you do not have to re-apply the solution every few weeks or months.

Actually, this one application will give you years of poison free protection and its 100% organic and safe for your family and pets.

You will not have to worry about re-infestations, or spend sleepless nights counting the costs of pest controllers.

Unlike other insecticide treatments and poisons used by the pest controller industry, the Bed Bug Barrier system is the only solution that specifically targets bed bugs. That’s what makes the Bed Bug Barrier solution so effective!

And because it is uniquely designed for bed bugs, the Bed Bug Barrier Solution will not affect people, animals or the ecosystem in your home or hotel business.

The Junkman have the products and experience to eradicate these nasty critters organically, immediately from your home.

Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Control

Melbournes premier organic bed bug specialists. One Easy Application And You Can Sleep In The Room The Same Night.

The Junkman, your reliable partner in bed bug control. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and the worry of re-infestations. Our organic Bed Bug Barrier solution is specially designed to target bed bugs, ensuring their complete eradication. With just one application by The Junkman, you can enjoy years of poison-free protection for your family and pets.

Unlike other insecticide treatments, our solution is safe for people, animals, and the environment. Don’t let bed bugs take over your home or hotel business.

Melbourne’s trusted experts in bed bug control.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you.

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